FamilyLight and Virtual Consultant are "DBA" names for

Thomas J. Croke and Associates, Llc.

Please note Change of Address:

Current snail mail address:

11 Torrington Drive
Greensburg PA, 15601-1133

Our former business address is a UPS Store (mail drop).  We closed that account in 2015.  We do not receive mail sent to the former address.

Phone: 724-216-6843
or  212-537-6386  (Both numbers ring same phone in Greensburg PA;  they do not accept text messages)
Fax:  775-890-0597
Skype tom_croke


Tom Croke:   TCroke at familylight dot com
Helen Croke: Helen at familylight dot com
Jody Adams: Jody at familylight dot com

General office email: Office at familylight dot com  (emails sent only to this address do NOT go to Tom)

Email addresses are not case sensitive.

Payment of Fees    

Go to "FamilyLight Member Area" for full access to  this website.

Go to PayPal/ Credit Card/ Debit Card  payments for any purpose other than Membership  for website.

Last update March 28, 2018

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have a 16 year old adopted son. He is angry, defiant and disrespectful since dad’s death a few years ago. He was such a bright caring child prior to this. He has no drugs or alcohol problems, but his grade are dropping and he is depressed at times. Can you send me the monthly tuition fees. I need to enroll him by next month.

    • I don’t have a tuition charge as I do not personally provide schooling or therapeutic services. I do work with families that are trying plan a constructive way to deal with a situation such as you describe. This includes referrals to schools and programs that can be resources.

      I invite you to phone me. I will take an hour with you on the phone to help you too plan a next step and to give you information on how our services might — or might not — benefit you and your son. See contact information above.


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